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Indy is warm in the summer, with average highs around 85F in June, July, and August.

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Entertainment TV Show Episode Guide 1994-2005 In Demand / Howard TV Mojo HD Channel 5 Show 2 Pilot episodes 1989 AKA Summer Show, 11pm Saturday Night.

I included the original commercials in () that usually have nothing to do with Howard. Howard says Robin is showing cleavage, introduces the cast and says Joe Franklin called to welcome him to Ch9, Jessica Hahn on hidden camera, Howard reads from Larry King's Playboy interview and compares their looks, Richard Simmons told Howard not to get a nose job, Stuttering John at the Emerson Radio Awards with Walter Mondale & Allison Steele, Howard brings out David to mess with Jessica Hahn and says to tell her the men who said they slept with her in the Penthouse interview are here - Rocko Riccobono & Barry Hawkins and a DJ, she asks if it's Mark and goes to leave and Howard runs to the green room to stop her, she doesn't want to leave and says it's 3 on 1, Howard says he'll back her up, she says she has to do it and he looks the best he's ever looked and Howard makes out with her then says there's a hidden camera, Howard runs back with lipstick on his mouth for a Brother FAX 200 International Live commercial and writes Brother on Monty's head and it runs, Jessica Hahn comes out and she's so embarrassed, Howard denies using tongue, she shows her outfit off, Howard says they have her old lovers and brings out Ted the Janitor - he says he met her at church and they did it in his van 4-5 times, the next is Fred the Elephant Boy - says they did it when he was 14 and she barked like a dog, Howard says she would've had sex with him, she asks what was she supposed to do, Live Newmark & Lewis Commercial with Dick Lewis cutout & Jessica, News with Richard Belzer, Howard shows a tape of his wife Harlee Mc Bride in Young Lady Chatterley (1977), Gay Pride week - lavender Empire State Building, Ruth Messinger, Gay Pride Parade & confrontation, Live Diet Snapple commercial with Jessica & Belzer, Howard interviews The Zodiac Killer (Billy West) and mocks how cheap their effects are, Zodiac looks like Al Roker, Arsenio Hall & Fred Berry, Live Hackensack Ford Mazda Commercial with photos of Andy, Letter from Kenneth Keith Kallenbach who wants to blows smokes through his eye, he gets nervous and can't do it and spits on himself and cries thinking he did it, he keeps trying again and again, Christian woman on the street says Howard needs to repent. Howard talks about his bad TV reviews NY Post, Daily Post & Crowns himself King, Sam Kinison interview, Howard walks out on Adventures of Ford Fairlane (900-640-8555 Live line/A Man for All Season w/Charlton Heston/Joe Namath for Nobody Beats the Wiz family integrity) Kinison war with Arsenio, kicked off Carson, People magazine rape controversy, David Brenner talks to Sara Nelson who gave him a bad review for his book If God Wanted Us to Travel (Aqueduct Run for the Sun Vacation Vouchers/Amedolas Fence Centers) Kinison & Brenner cont, Frank Sinatra I Remember Whats Her Name, Snapple Live Commercial with an organ grinder and a monkey who drinks it (Die Hard II, Young Guns II, Ford Fairlane used at Blockbuster/Phillies vs.

Indianapolis is in central Indiana, the Nine-County Region; it is the capital and largest city.

The population is roughly 850,000, making it the 13th largest city in the America and the metro area has about 2 million .

All the shows, interviews and specials I have taped on VHS & DVD over the years.

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