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Fury was slung about like custard pies in a silent movie, the media breathlessly reported the anger, more people then rushed to vent their limitless spleen, which was in turn reported, creating a gridlocked roundabout with a big sign stuck in the middle with "HATE" written on it. Remember the outrage over Wendy Lewis – "vile Cenotaph girl", as The Sun called her – whose moment of drunken madness in June (see below right) earned her a 15-week suspended sentence this week and made her a national hate figure?If it comes to that, there was a comparable video of a cat being ill-treated, by an American teenager, that caused widespread outrage early last year, with the boy's father ending up fearing for his life.

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And occasionally, when those being jabbed at are criminals, or politicians we've voted for who've let us down, that seems fair enough. If you scan the internet for opinion, you could be forgiven for imagining that we're all crimson with rage, our eyes straining at their sockets, our faces flecked with spittle.

Online anonymity or pseudonymity, coupled with the simplicity of airing one's grievances, propels debate to levels of hatred that are simply not real.

Remember: Simon Cowell poses no immediate danger to us. Mary Bale A Coventry bank clerk, variously described as "grey-haired spinster" and "worse than Hitler", supposedly became Britain's most hated woman this week after putting a cat in a wheelie-bin during what she described as a "split second of misjudgement".

There were immediate calls online for her to be "sprayed with BBQ sauce and thrown into a den of lions at the zoo", to which Bale responded: "To be honest I think everyone is overreacting a bit." The RSPCA is considering a prosecution under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

cole's plummeting in the nation's estimation began with the "betrayal" of his move from Arsenal to Chelsea; complaining about a £55,000 per week pay packet in his autobiography; cheating on his wife, Cheryl (apparently the "nation's sweetheart"), and then daring to be photographed laughing shortly after England's 4-1 World Cup defeat to Germany.

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