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From crazy stripper parties where average women end up sucking cock, to all out hundred people orgy parties, I was blown away watching this hot action.You can almost feel like you were there, which is the mark of a producer that knows what they are doing.

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The full-length video can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes to download depending on your connection and the video clips take 1-2 minutes each to buffer before beginning to play.

The length of time is the only drawback on downloading the full-length video but when you have it finished you can watch it without interruption.

Ever since Guillermo Del Toro won an Oscar for his 2006 dark fantasy piece "Pan's Labyrinth," I -- and, I suspect, many others -- have been waiting for him to deliver something similarly brilliant, similarly visionary.

Instead, we've gotten films like "Hellboy II," "Pacific Rim" and "Crimson Peak" -- movies that are interesting at points and visually stimulating, but short of visionary.

What do you get when you combine young, horny chicks, alcohol and hot hunky strippers? I was honestly expecting this to just be another girls getting drunk and flashing their tits type site but I was very wrong.

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