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Win Zip uses 8-byte salt values with 128-bit AES encryption and 16-byte salt values with 256-bit encryption.

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When you use AES encryption with Win Zip, the passwords that you enter are converted into keys of the appropriate length (128 bits or 256 bits, depending on the AES key length that you specify).

This is done through the PBKDF2 algorithm defined in RFC 2898 (also available as Public Key Cryptography Standard #5) with an iteration count of 1000.(Windows XP) I compressed the same data using Windows built-in zip mecanism, and from a Linux point of view, I cannot see any difference in the file type: -k - Attempt to convert the names and paths to conform to MSDOS, store only the MSDOS attribute (just the user write attribute from UNIX), and mark the entry as made under MSDOS (even though it was not); for compatibility with PKUNZIP under MSDOS which cannot handle certain names such as those with two dots.

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