Alumba people dating men and woman

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The bomb, made from a fire extinguisher cas- ing, shattered doors and windows but did not Key Reagan aides alien cause any casualties, police said.

The trial of Arpad Wiegand, 75, former first lieutenant in the Nazi SS elite guards, opened Wednesday and was continuing Thursday.

Present at the audj- '“:.-ence were Prince Sultan, the minister of ~ defense and dvii aviation: Prince Salman, the governor of Riyadh; Prince Saud A1 Faisal, - -the foreign minister; and the delegation accompanying President Sekou Toure. Gambia and Guinea are members ;-'of the peace mission set up by the third •- Islamic summit of Taif to help find a solution — - to the Iraqi-Iranian war.

Massive coordinated action Poles protest (AP wtrepboto) EXPLOSION AFTERMATH: Secoods after a bomb destroyed a moving car in San Salvador Thursday, the body of a youth in his twenty's lies next to the motorcycle on which he was riding at the time of his death.

“I'm anxious to get on with the conduct of foreign policy,” he said.

Reagan named Bush as his crisis manager Tuesday night, hours after Haig publicly complained that he was “less than enthusias- tic” about reports Reagan would make that derision. m the coafifieds, Church bad bis work cut out ; V for him in the attempt to gather backing for -Vv the proposed contract. n Bituminous Coal Operators Association calls - for a 36 per cent raise over the next three v - yeans, a dental plan and increased pensions, ‘j* But the economic gains were accomplished through trade-offs on job security issues, ...

Haig, described by one career diplomat as “limping pretty badly" after a run-in with powerful White House staffers, is avoiding questions about whether he will resign. Haig was meeting a few reporters for breakfast Friday and was sure to be quizzed further on the series of events before and after President Ronald Reagan designated Vice-President George Bush as the govern- ment’s crisis manager, a job Haig wanted.

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