An unexpected error occurred while updating required files mac dating by site vietnamdate

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The problem with FAT32 format is that they can not hold file sizes larger than 4GB, so if you are trying to copy a file that is larger than 4GB to a FAT32 formatted drive you will immediately be presented with the ‘error code 0’ message.

The simplest solution is to use drives formatted with Mac OS Extended (Journaled) or HFS file systems, however a Windows PC will not be able to access either of these file systems without additional software.

You’re likely to see this error when you are attempting to copy files to an external hard drive that is formatted as FAT.

FAT32 is a Windows file system that can be read and written to by Mac OS X.

These files may be delimited text files (for example, with commas or tabs separating each field), or binary Avro or Sequence Files containing serialized record data.

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