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John struggled with the hysteria and falseness of fame.

It took a toll, and raised serious questions about life and art. All of a sudden that intrusion came into our lives, telling (John) who he was.

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I enjoyed a winter’s day in front of the fire with Toni, and while Max stoked the flames, Toni illuminated the room. I thought about going to New York, because I was into theatre. I graduated on a Friday and left on Sunday.”Her goal was to do theatre.

Mainstream culture bored her, but Los Angeles provided many creative outlets for the Texan firecracker.

She made clothes for the likes of George Clinton.”Powertools was such a success that the owners opened another club, Red Square, in the Variety Art’s Centre downtown. I walked around in a bubble for months, wondering what the fuck happened?

An old, beautiful theatre, the venue had once seen vaudeville acts in the thirties and forties. ”“My generation grew up watching the tragedies of the sixties, knowing (heroin) could kill you, but romanticizing it. You know it’s dangerous, but there’s something about that arrogance of youth.

Toni adored the ambience, and when performance artist Steven Holman and his wife Hillary saw it, they loved it too. He got sober, and came back into my life, and then fell off the wagon and died. Hillel’s death was a huge catalyst for me (later) staying with John when he went down that path.”Five months after Hillel died, Toni turned twenty-one.

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