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» اسباب تجذب الرجل العربي من الزواج من المرأة الأجنبيةمن الأسباب المهمة التي تجعل الرجل العربي ينجذب من الزواج من المرأة الأجنبية هو الحب لأنه سيدخل في قصة حب ويتخطى المجتمع والعائلة وسيضحي من أجلها في العالم العربي لدينا…» انواع الرجال لاتحبهم النساء 8 انواع من الرجال تكرههم المرأة هناك صفات عامه تحكم على تصرفات الشخص في العلاقه الزوجية وبالطبع النساء خصوصا هن الأكثر ملاحظة لذلك والأدق والأكثر عاطفيه فى الحياة الزوجية لذلك دائما ما تتحكم م…This paper will focus on modern Arab marriage customs and similar marriage customs that existed in biblical times.

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This type of practice has its biblical similarities.

When Abraham decided it was time for Isaac to marry, he sent his servant to find Isaac a bride from among his own family in Mesopotamia (Gen. Laban thought it better to give his daughter to Jacob, a nephew, rather than to a stranger (Gen. Samson's father was dishearten when Samson wanted to marry out of their tribe (Judges 14:3).

And the words of Moses, according to the word of the Lord, were: "This is the thing which the Lord doth command concerning the daughters of Zelophehad, saying, Let them marry to whom they think best; only to the family of the tribe of their father shall they marry" (Numbers 36:6).

The Motif of the Go-Between When a girl is found that suits the taste of the father, and sometimes more importantly the mother, there are a few preliminary details that need to be done before the formal betrothal negotiations begin.

Such restless young men have been described by those whom they live with in the following words: "If someone comes and wishes to marry and he is told: 'Go and work! If one says to him: 'Do this and that', he does not obey. Among the al-Murrah, the choosing of the bride and the negotiations for her are both carried out by the father (Cole, pp. In some areas, a young man may see a girl that might interest him.

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