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9th and 10th at The Gate Community Church, 3835 Carothers Parkway in Franklin TN. For info on hotels in the area, email me at [email protected] is a short video. "My latest instrumental album, "Smooth Moves" is now available on i Tunes , Amazon, and Physical CDs. Check out my latest vocal EP, "I Am Loved By God." I have been inspired recently by messages I have heard about the love of God through my friend and pastor Steve Fry, and through Leif Hetland, and also through the Spirit of God showing me just how loved we are through Jesus.

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Do you love instrumental excellence mixed with the anointing? I can hear unspoken words in the melodies contained, “Come Unto Me”.

That is what I plan on doing when I peacefully wait on the Lord while in the background listening to Restful Waters.” “Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! David, you and Rita made a huge impact on Wilmington First Assembly.

The music is so peaceful and soothing that they just love listening to it as they fall alseep. But, we didn’t know he was also such a great storyteller.

I love that my kids get to fall asleep listening to such beautiful music about God’s love. David has a novelist’s eye for the rich details of colors, sounds, and touches that make reading such a wondrous experience.

9 Enter the name of each registrant (Example: John Smith and Julie Smith), select option in the dropdown, and then Click the "Add To Cart Button" This will open in a new window to check out.___________________________________Abundant Marriage Workshop - Couples___________________________________To register: Enter the name of each registrant (Example: John Smith ), select option in the dropdown, and then Click the "Add To Cart Button". Abundant Marriage Workshop - Singles "I Am Loved By God"Saturated with God's love, this music is creative, inspiring, fresh and full of Life; all new songs from this seasoned artist-songwriter will lift your spirit and fill you to overflowing!

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