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It’s easy to look at our smartphone-saturated world and claim that the new technology is isolating people.All that time you spend staring at a rectangle that’s stealing your face could instead be used enjoying the world and connecting with other people. If you actually look at what people are doing with mobile devices it’s usually finding new ways to enjoy the world or connect with people.make you pick up the phone and call your wife kinda girl. The confessions of a female player confirm it’s more about power and wealthy lifestyle than anything. Remember, we don’t pass judgment, we just talk about it.

This girl may not be all that attractive, but she’s got her sexy on and everything she says and does have tempting undertones.

It drives men to act and think as though they’ve have lost their minds Yeah, that’s that Sunshine, Boo Boo… traveling, shopping without looking at the price tags, dining at fine restaurants and sipping on the best beverages. Truth be told, this lifestyle ain’t for everybody and if this is you, it’s okay.

Somewhere along the line, we either change our habits or perfect them.

) only to stumble upon this measly definition: dating (verb, used without object): to go out socially on dates. Almost as vague as the whole concept itself, am I right?

And sometimes folks simply see it as a social shortcut, a way to quickly find a tour guide in another country.

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