Berlin dating scene

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With his photo series “Cruising” French photographer Marc Martin reimagines a time before dating apps, a time when public toilets, were the only place to find sexual encounters for many gay men.

Behind closed doors, in front of shiny tiles and messy graffiti, these places were a meeting spot for those who could not use their own homes, who could not be open about their sexuality and desires.

Ohlala approaches the connection for “paid dates” in a manner that allows for more instant liaising.

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Service is sometimes included in bills, but it’s customary to round up snacks and drinks to the nearest euro or leave a slightly larger tip for meals and larger bills.

urrency: euro Telephone code: from outside Germany, dial 00 49 30; from inside Germany, 030 – then the number Time difference: 1 hour Flight time: London to Berlin is around 90 minutes British Embassy: (00 49 30 20 45 70;, Wilhelmstrasse 70, Berlin.

he city’s main cultural and historical sights – from the Museum Island, the Reichstag and Alexanderplatz to Checkpoint Charlie, Unter den Linden and the Jewish Museum - are to be found in central Mitte.

But the surrounding neighbourhoods (including Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Neukölln, Schöneberg) are well worth exploring for their local atmosphere, slews of independent bars, restaurants and clubs.

You’ll likely fall victim to the occasional delay, arrogant waiter/waitress or even a withering glare, but don’t take it personally. Berliners, like all Germans, take their rules seriously, especially things like jaywalking and recycling.

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