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^ 1 Who said only men are capable of making household repairs? and Marriott Vacation Club Int January HOME IMPROVEMENT!

You see, to earn the pin, each and ery Clinique Consultant must go "ough rigorous training. Four women who found the secret to stick-to-it success — and are hap- pier and healthier as a result. Ladies' Home Journal is the only magazine that has an annual TV special saluting the achievements of outstanding women. " page 74 "Nothing turns men on more than the sight of the women k they love." -Shmuley Boteach, "Find Your Spark," page 66 Getting rid of wrinkles louldn't be as irritating as getting them. SUSPEND OR TERMINATE THE ONLINE PORTION OF THE SWEEPSTAKES AND CONTINUE ONLY WITH THE MAIL-IN PORTION Winners List for a lis of the prize wiruiers (available after 6/ 1 5/ 01). stamped envdope to: Chnslcr 'On the Road" Sweepstake. Just ask the folks at the Council of Better Business Bureaus, who logged a record-breaking three million complaints in 1999, or the people at the American Customer Satisfaction Index, a national indicator of customer discontent, which shows that satisfaction m almost every area is lower than when they started tracking six years ago.

By Hallie Levine 84 THE DECISION THAT CHANGED MY LIFE Chances are you've got a resolution or two you're just starting to implement into your daily life. Singer Toni Braxton, model Cheryl Tiegs, actress Tra- cy Pollan, columnist Liz Smith and e Bay's Meg Whitman will all be on the show along with many other guests. Entries become property of Sponsor and will not be returned or acknowledged. Daimler Chrysler Corporation, Vi; : domiciled arc not eligible. IN THE EVENT THE SWEEPSTAKE Is t t MPROMISED BY VIRUS. NON-At HUMAN INTERVENTION OR OTHER CAUSES BEYOND THE CONTROL OF SPONSOR WHICH CORRUPTS OR IMPAIRS THE ADMINISTRATION. FAIRNESS OR PROPER PLAY OF THE SWEEPSTAKE RESERVES THE RIGHT IN ITS SOLE DISCRETION TO MODIFY. Disgruntled consumers sure don't like to hold anything back.

Women who underwent this surgery before 1992 may have been transfused with blood tainted with hepatitis C. the corresponding prize will be awarded to an alternate winner chose purposes of advertising, promotion and publicity in any medium without additional compensation. Of course, many women don't see what all the fuss is about: It's only a small step from gardening to refinishing the dining-room table.

It'll make a huge difference" -Sharon Epel, who wrote our special report, "Mom, Am I Fat? Miller Production Director Catherine Merolle Production Monoger Angela Orfini MEREDIt H PUBLISHING GROUP President Christopher M. Meredith, III The Journal cannot process unsolicited manuscripts or art material, and the Publisher assumes no responsibility whatsoever for their return Postmaster Send address changes to Ladies' Home Journal. How io Liner There arc wo was-s 10 enter: ( 1 ) on ihc Intcrner. R2XC, zip code, daytime and evening iclcpl along with a brief description of vour favorite road trip destination (optional) on a 3" x 5" piece of paper, and mail your ditty (in an envelope! | n 1 999, average number of cards carried by Americans: • Percentage of people who say they spend more when using a credit card: 34 • Average estimated credit-card debt as of October 1999: $1,751 • Percentage of credit-card users who carry balances from month to month: 54 Estimated total amount, in billions, of revolving credit owed in 1968: 2 • Estimated total amount, in billions, of revolving credit owed in 2000: 626 • Number of credit-card solicitations sent out each year: 4 billion (about 43 per household) All Day Moisture Foundation It's not just ordinary foundation. ©2000 P&G Co.^Nfc^ Also try All Day Moisture Stick. OLAY January THE NEW NEW THING They're not just for serving sushi anymore.

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