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But the black crime rate is the most obvious and tangible tip of a much bigger iceberg that keeps on sinking black boats from generation to generation.

Contra , that iceberg is not white racism, but rather, what sociologists call black “cool-pose culture.” The fact is that African-American culture at this moment in time — and I am speaking specifically of African- culture, not the cultures of all dark-skinned people from Africa, the Caribbean and elsewhere — exhibits numerous non-progressive and self-destructive tendencies that are out of keeping with the goal of social and economic advancement that nearly all Americans of every culture, African-Americans included, share.

The data points to a disproportionately high rate of violence and incarceration, even for black men in the top 1%.

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Why are black boys growing up in regions of the country, such as the Pacific West or Northeast, where overt white racism might be less prevalent, not doing any better than their peers in our more traditionally racist redoubts?

None of the four author/propagandists listed in the byline appears to have pondered these questions.

has reported on a large study that, it claims, proves that even black males born into upper-class families are the victims of white racism that eviscerates their seeming advantages and drags them back down to the socioeconomic bottom.

The study, conducted by researchers at Stanford, Harvard, and the Census Bureau, used American income and demographic data to compare the incomes of families in which children grew up to the incomes of those same children now that they are adults in their late 30s.

Black females, on the other hand, have about a 1 in 28 chance of meeting the same fate.

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