Boy vey the shiksas guide to dating jewish men

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Basically, this book is only useful if the Jewish man in question is a living breathing Awful and completely inaccurate.

Lina ve mark reallfecam - Boy vey the shiksas guide to dating jewish men

People who have never worked in Hollywood, people who have never set foot on a film set or in a movie studio (and no, riding the Incredible Hulk roller coaster at Universal Orlando doesn’t count) now seem to know everything there is to know about this town. I know this town pretty well, so maybe my word carries a little more weight than “Styx Einzig.” No, every actress is not a whore.

Hollywood has a structure; there is a “standard” way actors get cast, and the business respects those norms more often than it flaunts them.

The nonsense they spewed was, quite frankly, painful to witness. ” “Why would a hotel allow a high roller to check in with ten bags? Anyone who is a Vegas regular knows that checking in with multiple bags is commonplace, bellhops have fancy contraptions called “luggage carts,” and many suites have two bedrooms, each with its own window or windows. I was never a big player in Tinseltown; it was just steady work for three decades.

” “How could Stephen Paddock have hauled ten bags up to the 32nd floor? This is what happens when people try to be experts on matters about which they know nothing. And now the scare-quote experts have come out to opine on the Harvey Weinstein debacle. I’ve worked with the studios and the networks, A-list casting directors like Deb Aquila, entertainment law firms like Greenberg Glusker, and I’ve hooked up billionaire dilettantes like Mark Cuban and Terry Semel with directors looking to fund their next project.

It made perfect sense and is great for any non-Jew to read.

Boy vey the shiksas guide to dating jewish men

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