Buddhist thoughts on dating

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In present day, the flags in different colours have either mantras or sutras printed on them.The colours are significant as they represent the five elements which make up everything. These five colours of Tibetan prayer flags also stand for the five main directions, which are north, south, east, west and center.The flags embody the cycle of life, just as life is renewed, people put up new flags beside the old faded ones; it teaches us to embrace life's changes.

Specifically organised flags on a patient's body were believe to harmonise the elements within his body and bring him back to a balanced, healthy state.

Initially, these flags were hung up to propitiate deities that were believed to reside in the surrounding mountains, valleys,lakes and rivers.

Again, he is shocked by the unhappiness that is visited upon humanity, and embarrassed by his naiveté.

The third sight that he sees is a decaying corpse, and is told by his driver that it is the fate of all human beings to die.

They are silent blessings that spread goodwill and compassion to all and bring happiness and prosperity to all touched by the wind.

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