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The winner is the last player to have any clothes or loads left. Each player can have his own deck or can draw from a common one, but for 3 or more players using a common deck, multiple decks should be in play so that the ratio of players to decks never exceeds 2:1).

Rules: Each player begins with 5 articles of clothing: socks (if only 1 shirt, each sock can count as 1 article) outer shirt/sweater shirt (ideally without sleeves) pants/shorts underwear Additionally, each player has 2 loads of cum to give (you must be willing to blow twice to play) As long as you have clothes or loads, you are still in the game.

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) If you still have 50 or more points after one task, you must keep doing tasks until you drop below 50 JACK - jack-off (don't remove any clothes); get yourself to the edge then hold the card for your next turn to see what happens next)...

Cam game strip

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