Castle dating 1219

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The castle, held for the King in the Civil War, was besieged in 1644 and probably reduced to a ruin at this time.Restorations have been undertaken by the present (1931) owner.In the field to the SE are remains of gun-platforms dating from the siege of 1644.

castle dating 1219-7

The vicarage, said to be Elizabethan, stands to the north of the road. The wood doors belonging to it have been removed and rehung at the front entrance of the more modern building.

It has a gabled, overhanging front, but has been much modernized. The building fell into decay, and the north end of it is still ruinous; the rest was put into order some forty years ago by the late Lord Basing, who converted it into a study, bedrooms, outhouses, &c, and built a connecting building between its south end and the main house.

Odiham (xi cent.); Hodiam, Odyham (xiii cent.); Odyam (xv cent.); Odiam (xvi cent.). acres of land and 50 acres of land covered with water.

The nearest railway station is at Hook, on the London and South Western Railway.

Due to placing of the castle upon a NW hill-slope, the moat is cut deep into soil and rock on the SE side whilst on the NW side it is contained by a massive earthen retaining bank, 18.0m in width and 4.0 to 5.0m in height externally. No gun platforms could be recognised upon the slope to the SE. Late C12 or early C13 keep, C13 foundations to gate house, curtain walls and undercroft to chapel, C17 domestic buildings, substantially restored and rebuilt early C20.

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