Catholic speed dating Chatral velliy grils

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“I was surprised at how relaxed I felt through the entire process,” Zapapas said.

“That may have been the result of frantic prayer beforehand because I don’t consider myself to be outgoing, and I don’t consider myself to excel at first impressions.

Most of the speed daters were in their 20s or 30s, several were in their 40s and some were in their 50s.

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A man of faith has a beautiful soul.” After the event, organizers e-mailed participants their matches and results showing others’ interest in them as well as e-mail addresses of those who named them. Valentine’s Day, everyone who participated received Catholic Singles speaker Dave Sloan’s “License to Date” test and answer key from the website

Several speed daters said it was a good resource for immediate questions to Catholic dating.

Much like musical chairs, at the ring of a dinner bell participants changed “dates” every four minutes.

Men were asked to move one seat over to ask questions (suggested ones were provided from which they could choose) to get to know the next woman seated across from them.

The fact that I ended up meeting some great guys that I wouldn’t ordinarily have encountered was a bonus.” Printed with permission from the Denver Catholic Register.

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