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He said he prefers bots with a more corporate demeanor.Lili Cheng, 51, the human who runs the Microsoft research lab where Tay was developed (and whose selfie Tay once tagged as “cougar in the room”), said the plan isn’t to come up with one bot that gets along with everyone.Amazon has its best-reviewed product in years in the Echo, a voice-controlled black cylinder that sits in customers’ kitchens and performs a fast-growing list of tasks—it can look up recipes, order groceries, turn on the news, play songs, and read e-books aloud.

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Some picture a utopia of computer-augmented superhumans living lives of leisure and intellectual pursuit.

Others believe it’s just a matter of time before software coheres into an army of Terminators that harvest humans for fuel.

They’ll act as your interface with computers and smartphones, helping you book a trip or send a message to a colleague, and do that through a conversation instead of a mouse click or finger tap.

Microsoft believes the world will soon move away from apps—where Apple and Google rule—into a phase dominated by chats with bots.

Then: “You walk in on your roomie trying your clothes on, what’s the first thing you say.” “Didn’t realize you liked women’s clothes,” I texted back, tapping into my i Phone. Tay was released on March 23, as a kind of virtual friend on messaging apps Kik, Group Me, and Twitter.

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