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Maligay Govender offers some helpful mental health "first aid" tips. This diet is ranked #1 in the world – but is it right for you?5 weird things your body does SEE: 14 facts about menstruation you might not know If you are depressed, does it mean you have a disability?

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), but that didn’t go down too well and I was sent off to explore the topic further.

Men are sexual beings Before we look at gay men specifically, let’s consider all men: I bet that a straight man sweating in the gym sauna with a semi-naked woman sitting beside him would also experience a few carnal thoughts.

Talking not required Interestingly, gay men’s cruising behaviour in public spaces has generally excluded verbal communication.

It’s usually all about bodiliness, spatial proximity, posturing, eye contact and sexual tension, with speech often being redundant.

From my experience there isn’t much conversation between guys hanging out in a sauna or a steamroom but perhaps there’s room here for an annual ‘Virgin Active Scholarship in Sexual Psychology’. Not always about lust Let’s also acknowledge that quickie sex, or even furtive games such as cruising and perving over a really attractive guy, is not always about lust.

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