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The Benedict Option needs an Expatriate Alternative.

__________________________ Mollie Ziegler Hemingway With The Benedict Option, Rod Dreher provides an insightful and optimistic plan of action for Christians who are starting to realize just how hostile American culture is to their faith.

As Dreher sees it, we should learn from those Benedictine communities so that our own American faith communities can be pockets of light in the new Dark Ages.

I appreciate his emphasis on constructing a resilient ecclesial counterculture (the strength of the monastic and Anabaptist visions) with a sturdy liturgical framework (the strength of the Orthodox vision), but wish he had placed more emphasis on our calling to work for the common good in public life (the strength of the Reformational thinkers such as Abraham Kuyper and Lesslie Newbigin).

To be human is to be part of a nation, and when believers try to withdraw into “Christian villages” they only reproduce in miniature the dysfunctions of their nations—because that is who they are.

Transformation is needed, but withdrawal does not transform.

Benedict of Nursia, the early medieval monk who retreated to the forest after Rome’s fall.

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