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Ba NZUKA HUNI, see also "Chip " and " Chop." Te MA HUNI.

Manduln, adv., eg Dhlana mandulu = eat first = Dy ANA GUTANGA.

SOMETIME HER MAJESTY'S HIGH COMMISSIONER IN SOUTH AFRICA Digitized, by the Internet Archive in 2007 with funding from IVIicrosoft Corporation OOelliuoft PREFACE In offering these vocabularies to the inhabitants of Zarabesia, I am conscious in very lively fashion of their many imjierfec- tions ; but I hope, nevertheless, they may be of some service in the new country.

mu) yena ba bona mu-mi u wona i yona li-ma li lona a wona n-zin i yona Zl zona si-zi SI sona zi zona lu-zin lu lona zi zona bu bu bona g^^ S^ gwona, or kona Except in the two instances indicated above, all forms are alike in both nom.

In Tebele when the word denoting the possessor is a proper noun, ka ( = g(n)-a=it of), is placed before the word standing for the possessor, e.g.

Chatseks digi com

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