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Take your pick from a plethora of possible spots and settle in around sunset for golden hour amber hues.

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On Wednesdays and Saturdays, for $95 per person, you can learn to make the bakery's famed cakes and crack pie (and take home everything you bake! On those last, lingering, clammy days, heat things up with flaming libations.

We’re partial to the Volcano Blast at Otto’s Shrunken Head -- a super-strong rum-based tiki concoction set ablaze.

The 250-acre National Historic Landmark is open for business year-round, and the place fully blooms come springtime.

Check our rows and rows of cherry blossoms, the Oz-like Daffodil Valley, a plein-air painting festival, or just wander the grounds unbound.

Exhibits range from sex in the animal kingdom to nearly 20,000 artifacts (vintage condoms, erotic sculptures) and will, at the very least, strike up some interesting conversation.

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