dating of gospels - Cheap eavesdrop dirty chat

by  |  27-Nov-2019 02:02

They were in a box on electronic junk at a car boot sale and by the looks of it, veterans of a good number of Sunday outings in wet and muddy fields. The asking price was ‘a quid’, which would still be an absolute bargain, even if they didn’t work.As it happens they did, after an extensive strip-down and clean up.

That’s not to say the robots are about to take over because we’re no longer useful.

Of course that is going to happen, but not just yet, for the simple reason we (or they) still haven’t invented a decent battery.

Luckily the only damage was to the foam pad it sat on, and again this was easily replaced.

I doubt very much that the current range sound quality is significantly different to what it was when new, and needless to say neither is going to win any prizes, but let’s not forget that it manages to send and receive intelligible voice communications using just a few cheap components.

Anyone familiar with old school electronics should be able to understand how it works, and like most pre-digital gadgets, stand a very fair chance of fixing it, should anything go wrong, with nothing more complicated than a multimeter, screwdriver and a soldering iron.

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