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He didn’t feel he was insane either.‘The morons out there are the ones who are mad,’ he told me contemptuously.

‘People who live conventional, dull, boring lives.’If there was a single word that summed him up, it would be contempt — ‘my contempt for everyone who breathed,’ as he once put it: contempt for religion, authority, respectability, convention. One of the first stories he told me about himself was of going to the cinema as a youth in the Fifties and pushing his way out during the final credits of the film to avoid having to stand for the national anthem (which was the tradition back then).‘A man in the aisle stood in my way as the anthem began.

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Dr Alan Keightley was head of religious studies at a West Midlands sixth-form college when he began writing to Ian Brady in 1992 at the suggestion of the mother of his youngest victim, Lesley Ann Downey.

For years, he visited Brady in prison every month, spoke to him on the phone every day and received hundreds of letters from him.

If they wanted me to be a criminal, then I said to myself that I’d be a proper one.’But what took his criminal activities into a new dimension — becoming one of Britain’s most notorious murderers of all time and a symbol of out-and-out evil — was when the peroxide blonde Myra Hindley came into his life.

Hindley, who died in prison in 2002, aged 60, always maintained that she had been manipulated by Brady into murder.

When I came, he let fly, and I was blasted non-stop as he expounded his nihilistic view that this is a world without meaning or morality — a world in which men like him can do as they please.

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