Consolidating files nuendo dating relationship opening

by  |  06-Jan-2020 11:12

This is really handy and rounds Render Export out as an extremely useful addition to Nuendo.

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The Render tab specified how the files should be created, the signal path, and whether to mix down the events to a single track, while the File Settings tab provided settings for how the resulting files should be named and where they should be stored.

I never liked this two-tab approach, and Steinberg have now, in both Cubase and Nuendo, consolidated all the controls for in-place rendering under a single page.

This makes it possible for the existing automation to be merged — dare I say combined — with the new automation from the VCA track, and you’ll see the original automation (darkened) behind the current combination automation.

Not all Cubase 8 features are available in the standard version of Nuendo, however.

The idea behind this change is, in part, to improve the user experience when working with multiple displays, particularly if you make use of Workspaces.

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