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Some will complain that this is simply not how the Aphrodite's Child albums sounded. Browse to use "Forminx" as search term, or go directly to: An automatic translator can help decipher the Greek language.The muddled sound may be part of their charm or nostalgia and may just have been quite a concious choice by Vangelis. For instance, use Google's translation services with a link like this one: side effect of these changes is that the pumped up high tones can sometimes sound a bit overdone, or from time to time even a bit metalic, although never as much as one might imagine reading this. hl=en&ie=UTF-8&sl=el&tl=en&u= When registering, the fields are as follows: Email, name, surname, age, occupation, user name, password, the password again (for verification), then type the 5 characters you find in the image.

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It's one of the first to offer the CD and it has a handy buyers guide in English that explains how to use the site when you can't read Polish. It's in fact a small hardcover book with 30 pages, after which the CD is safely stored in plastic attached to the back cover.

See the options near the right bottom of the screen for this. The booklet contains pictures from the film, an interview with Jansson, a bio and picture of Vangelis, etc...

The DVD also includes a short movie called "Un Ete American", also directed by Henry Chapier but with no involvement by Vangelis.

After having been screened in a cinema, and then coming available for online viewing and a DVD-on-demand, Henry Chapier's Vangelis scored Sex Power movie is now available as a proper DVD release in France.

Still, it's a nice way to spice up these albums a bit.

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