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The new vehicle would be under autonomous (unmanned) control, taking off vertically like a rocket but landing horizontally like an airplane.

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The NASA X-33 program was unfortunately by various accounts somewhat poorly conceived from inception forward, plagued by excesses of wishful thinking and poor engineering.

The X-33 was to be a sub-scale demonstrator for the Venture Star vehicle program, hoping to demonstrate the viability of a Single Stage To Orbit Reusable Launch Vehicle (SSTO RLV) using a new generation of aerospike engines that would not require external tanks or boosters.

His unmistakably distinctive Omega Flightmaster is clearly visible here in the foreground.

Throughout development Omega made extensive use of NASA experience as well as significant civilian and military pilot input and feedback to refine and improve the design.

Tritium might even have been a choice for use aboard spacecraft when the wearer might not see significant sunlight for extended periods.

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