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(b) that the nomination shall become invalid in the event of the happening of a contingency specified therein: Provided that if at the time of making the nomination the subscriber has only one member of his family he shall provide in the nomination that the right conferred upon the alternate nominee under clause (a) shall become invalid in the event of his subsequently acquiring other member or members in his family.

(6) Immediately on the death of a nominee in respect of whom no special provision has been made in the nomination under clause (a) of sub-rule (5) or on the occurrence of any event by reason of which the nomination becomes invalid in pursuance of clause (b) of sub-rule (5) or the proviso there to the subscriber send a notice in writing to the Accounts Officer cancelling the nomination, together with the fresh nomination made in accordance with the provisions of this rule.

I was going to lean into this feeling and find my way out.

I reasoned, with unusual clarity, that at the root of my drinking and my suffering is a pathological desire to not be alone. This checked about 80% of the boxes: My steady stream of “content” I put out on my Facebook feed. My hyper-sensitivity to criticism from friends, peers and lovers. The question I then proposed: why can’t I be alone? But as I reasoned objectively, that wasn’t always the case.

Sometimes this manifests itself in a good way: Travelling, pouring myself into my work, learning new things, creating music, writing, rock climbing, other novel experiences. I swam back up to the surface and took a deep breath. Let’s talk for a minute about what being an alcoholic is really like. Had I been capable of loving myself, I probably wouldn’t need so many people to love me. The minefield is just the price I pay for living with myself.”I have eaten five meals this week. One of which was a pasta salad that had been sitting out at room temperature for 24 hours, but, I didn’t have the self-discipline to throw it out and eat something else.

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