Dating an ox

by  |  09-Feb-2020 22:43

Ox signs enjoy helping others, working hard and patiently at achieving these goals.The Female Ox A distinct difference in the woman Ox is their general lack of need for the opposite sex.You think things through before committing to them, and don't start until you are absolutely sure how to proceed.

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The male Ox is known to bottle up all doubts and negative feelings.

Generally a hard worker, others may not see him as particularly bright, but instead someone who always has a plan for the future and very inventive.

The Ox man prefers to have a working relationship of teamwork and dependability rather than one of passions and lovemaking.

He may be constantly suspicious of his partner, wondering if she is being unfaithful.

While not a jealous creature by nature, infidelity or friction by a spouse may drive them to anger.

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