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Dating ariane game instructions

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This entry-level employee says it offends her religious beliefs. It’s not possible for me to change it.” If they push back, I’d continue to say, “It’s really not possible for me to change my name.” I’m hoping that they just haven’t thought this through and realized how ridiculous this is (and maybe they somehow think it’s more optional because it’s your middle name rather than your first? Hopefully, politely but firmly saying that it’s not something you can do will make them realize it’s not a reasonable request.

She has been at the company for several years but is still at entry-level, so how can she carry so much weight? But if they insist on it, well, you’re learning that you’re about to start working for an employer that’s incredibly unreasonable and willing to insist on something outrageous just because someone cried “religion” inappropriately.* It might be better to know that now than before you actually start work. Religious accommodations don’t extend to changing other employees’ names.

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