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Over the course of next 1000–1500 years, inhabitants of the Civilization developed new techniques in handicraft (carnelian products, seal carving) and metallurgy (copper, bronze, lead, and tin) had elaborate urban planning, baked brick houses, efficient drainage systems, water supply systems, and clusters of large non-residential buildings.

The cities of Harappa and Mohenjo-daro become large metropolises and the civilization expands to over 2,500 cities and settlements across the whole of Pakistan, much of northern India, and large parts of Afghanistan, covering a region of around one million square miles, which was larger than the land area of its contemporaries Egypt and Mesopotamia combined, and also had superior urban planning and sewage systems.

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Dating bardoli

See also the list of Governors-General of India, list of Prime Ministers of India and Years in India.

5000th · 90th · 75th · 70th · 45th · 43rd · 40th · 37th · 35th · 34th · 33rd · 32nd · 31st · 30th · 29th · 28th · 27th · 26th · 25th · 24th · 23rd · 22nd · 21st · 20th · 19th · 18th · 17th · 16th · 15th · 14th · 13th · 12th · 11th · 10th · 9th · 8th · 7th · 6th · 5th · 5th · 4th · 3rd · 2nd · 1st A skull fragment found in Hathnora in the Narmada Valley in central India indicate that this part of Indian subcontinent might have been inhabited in the Middle Pleistocene era around 250,000 years ago. Sankhyan describes it as "debated and conveniently interpreted as "evolved" Homo erectus or "archaic".

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