Dating by smell

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The results when the phone number was request in a pleasant-smelling area of the mall… Nothing else mattered – they men were all equally charming, attractive and smooth.23% of the women shared their number with the young man. In the no-odor location – 13.5% of women shared their number with the young man. Twice as many women said yes in a pleasant-smelling location as those in a neutral-odor location. It’s may seem like a small difference – but statistically, the men doubled their chances of getting digits simply by changing the location of the request. The surprising factor is that the fragrance wasn’t worn by any of the men.

200 were approached in a pleasant-smelling location.

200 were approached in neutral or unpleasant-smelling locations.

The top 5 most attractive men were then shortlisted for the experiment.

The researchers selected attractive men because it’s not likely for a woman to accept a date request from a random stranger…

While the concept of Smell Dating may seem unconventional and maybe even a little gross (depending on how comfortable you are with being exposed to the natural essences of your fellow human), there is research out there to suggest that smell is indeed a key ingredient in human attraction.

Dating by smell

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