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A successful treatment depends a great deal on goals and working together to tailor a plan to address individual needs.Please allow me to help you through the anxiety, stress and overall feelings of helplessness.""CHRONIC PAIN ~ ANXIETY/DEPRESSION RELATIONAL ISSUES As both a licensed professional counselor and a registered nurse, I want to help you find solutions to help with the overwhelming feelings that accompany chronic pain, body image and rejection, as well as relational issues that are likely affecting your health and or quality of life.Some of my specialties include serious mental illness, substance abuse, coping skills, military family issues, marriage and family counseling.

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I believe the client comes to therapy with desire and skills necessary for personal growth.

By providing a safe, non-judgmental environment and carefully considered feedback, I believe you can reach the goals you set for yourself.""My approach to facilitating change and personal growth is through the use of humanistic approaches.

I use cognitive behavioral therapy, which is the most widely used evidence-based practice.

I partner with my clients to challenge their thoughts, ideas, and behaviors with the goal of facilitating real, lasting change and to achieve personal growth.

It's a courageous step to face the emotional wounds we are carrying and to begin the journey of healing our wounds in order to find joy in our lives again.

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