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European squatters are today stealing not just our land, they are stealing the wealth of our oil, our forests, our farmland and all of our other resources.

They are also stealing our honor, our dignity, and our sense of being one Anahuac independent nation.

They want to be assured that there are no remnants of our people claims to our continent or to any pride in the accomplishments of our great civilizations.

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The contents of this book will end the ignorance that exists about our true history.

It will present our history in our interests, not in the interests of Europeans.

Colonialism is by its very nature parasitic in that it depends totally on the stolen foreign land and the enslaved foreign people to sustain it.

Colonialism depends on getting "free" gold, silver, land, and other wealth in order to build its "capital" for the criminal nation that exports its terrorism, pirates, and its diseases.

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