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After all, it appears that these docs are quite fond of lounging around watching Glee and Aziz Ansari.I don’t blame them though, they must be exhausted when they finally do have time off; I know these things, I watch Grey’s Anatomy. ” Our members who have Ph Ds mentioned a bunch of words relating to academics, which makes sense.Terry is an unapologetic writer, artist, and aspiring social psychologist from the best city on the planet (otherwise known as Pittsburgh).

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Check that out: “corporate,” “start-ups,” “economist,” “counting,” “finance,” blah, blah, blah. MBAs also love to talk about their travels and have (IMO) great taste in wine.

If you’re searching for a hottie with an MBA, you might want to check out your local bocce ball and squash courts; I guess businessmen enjoy really obscure lawn games.

Naturally, we were curious to see if having a graduate degree has any correlation to a member’s attractiveness and preferences.

We looked at over 20 million matches and here’s what we found. Right off the bat you’ll probably notice that for men, professional degrees (i.e., MD, MBA, JD) garner a higher percentage of likes than those with more general graduate degrees (i.e., Ph D, Master’s).

Believe it or not, over 25% of our member base has a master’s degree or higher.

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