Dating sites that accept paypal

by  |  08-Dec-2019 23:12

I was twice taken advantage of buying things that didn’t work…never again.Lightning struck my house in 2011 all my appliances were fried.

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this list is silly it may be what people are watching but buying???

I don’t sell but I watch lol and I see as DLB said these areas are saturated…they may not be copies or reproductions as they suggest but they are pretty much worthless even as originals…seriously, one Disney pin for 99 cents- 2$?

There is a huge Lemming Reflex when it comes to bidding and sometimes folks are more carried away with beating the bids of others so they keep bidding when prices no longer constitute a good buy.

People tend to spend way too much and sometimes Sellers get lucky with 2 or more Buyers who bid against each other for the same item; that’s where the real money is on e Bay, if you have anything left over after the Pay Pal-e Bay Conglomerate rips into your auction income to the tune of 20 to 25% of your Net; they put quite a bite on their Dealers’ profits.

Is it possible that we have a new, and more clueless return of the “Silent Majority?

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