Dating the books of the new testament separated dating online canada

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If predictive prophecy is rejected and reflects no action peculiar to the events of A.

In fact the term ‘burned’ is found only here in the New Testament and is, like other terms in the apocalyptic discourse (see note 3), probably an allusion to the Old Testament description of the fall of Jerusalem in 586 B.

However, he regards a later date for II Peter (already a traditional option) as confirmed since in it this tendency is carried much further.

The date of II Peter is uncertain; if Peter had a disciple finish it, it could not have been long after A. 65 (641)., which gives the original page numbers) he recognizes Philippians (107 f.), James and I Peter (205 f.) as authentic even though the last two tend to ‘mediate’ the quarrel between Paul and his Judaizing opponents (205 f.).

The problem is that the destruction of the temple in 70 AD is not mentioned anywhere in the New Testament books.

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