Dating ukrainian women scams Free sex chatroom no registeration

by  |  11-Sep-2019 09:26

Once you find it, go to Google and search for “IP address lookup.” Select one of the many websites that search out IP addresses and enter the IP address of the Woman’s email into the search box and perform a search. In the case of Olga, it should be from Russia, yeah? how many Olga’s from Russia are emailing from Taiwan this week?

If the Woman’s IP address is from another country, she is most likely a scammer.

In this case, you would find that ONLY her photos would come back with a Google hit.

The content of her emails should not return Google hits and her IP address should match the region where she says that she is writing from. You should be able to recognize (if you’re utilizing common sense and not following your penis) if the letters from a Russian/Ukrainian Woman are genuine or if they are designed to separate you from your money.

If you’re emailing a Woman in Moscow and her IP address is in Kazan, there is a good chance she (or he) is a scammer.

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