Dating violence organizations

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It is our hope to inform indivduals about the dangers of domestic violence before they become victims.

Presentations on the signs of domestic violence, what you should look for, how to respond to a friend, family member or coworker who you suspect is being abused and what services and assistance are available, can be of great help in preventing a further increase in the number of victims.

The Iris board has already expanded again in 2018, with the selection of three new board members: Ericka Queen, a customer service manager with Trace Security; Christen Clark, a real estate agent-buyer specialist with Keller Williams Red Stick Partners; and Veronika J.

Mark, an assistant district attorney with the East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney's office.

In 2017, the Iris Board of Directors sought and considered several highly qualified indivduals from diverse backgrounds and areas for selection based on the notion that building a greater cultural and demographic diversity on the board of directors was critical to the board's ability to fulfill its mission while serving a very diverse population in our seven parish service area.

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