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We usually think of passion as restricted to sex or love, the burning embrace or constant craving.But it has a broader meaning, referring to the drives and emotional fires that propel us in our quests through life.

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They impel us to satisfy our desire for sex, our yearning for prestige, and our quest for love.

The dazzling plays of Shakespeare, the mezmerizing art of Georgia O' Keeffe, and the brilliant inventions of Thomas Edison would not exist if passion had not stirred them from repose and impelled creation.

The Dangerous Passion explores both the destructive and triumphant sides of human desires.

Together with many colleagues, my research over the past decade has centered on exploring the nature, origins, and consequences of the passions of men and women, with a special focus on jealousy, infidelity, love, sex, and status.

An attraction to a neighbor's spouse can generate intoxicating sexual euphoria while destroying two marriages.

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