Democrat dating republican

by  |  28-Dec-2019 02:26

After all, romance revolves around "learning from each other and growing in love."Dems traditionally support things like access to abortion, birth control, Planned Parenthood and general healthcare.They're not in the business of taking away the right to make your own decisions about your body.It may seem like the parties are diametrically opposed on a handful of issues, but just as there are plenty of reasons a Democrat should date a Republican, there are plenty of reasons a Republican should try dating a Democrat.

Almost 49% of single conservative Republicans have had a one-night stand (as opposed to 65% of liberal Democrats).

And although conservative Republicans have had the least amount of sex over the past 12 months, they are the most likely to achieve orgasm 91% to 100% of the times they make love.

And since progressive Democrats like "safe spaces" for dialogue, you can ensure opinions will be heard respectfully.

Democrats can teach Republicans about weed and hip-hop while Republicans can teach the values of guns and country music since those are what each prefer, according to a recent survey.

They support same-sex marriage and welcoming refugees with open arms, in addition to not immediately kicking out all illegal immigrants. So, while you may not particularly agree with their stances, you can benefit from the compassion that's at the root of them.

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