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This keeps the plastic screen from scratching -- and worst case, the glass can be replaced for . All told -- best phone I've owned in 24 years of using cellphones. My first one out of box had a dark spot on the screen.

But all 3 still look like new after 6 months of heavy use, and we know the actual phone screen isn't about to break. The second one made a clicking sound near the home button. I have had the Turbo 1 and it was a much better phone.

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But they release the hold when the get their phone back.

I'm paying $700 for the crappiest phone they've put out.

It takes nothing to leave a permanent mark on this phone you can feel with your fingernail. This is my 6th Droid, dating back to the first Motorola Droid. If you are like me you notice they NEVER get faster, the OS updates downgrade performance, the cameras are historically and presently deplorable, the OS GUI is annoying, they are heavy as bricks, and Droid cannot figure out a single thing to make these phones truly unique.

I cannot believe this top of the line phone has a scratch this early in - truly not nearly the quality control of the Turbo 1.

I've dropped it many times on wood and concrete surfaces and still works great with no issues.

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