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In “equal” countries, a woman can decide, weeks or even months later, that consensual sex was actually rape.

In Denmark, this is known as “you-didn’t-call-me” rape, or “I-just-found-out-you-slept-with-someone-else-the-same-week” rape; this is why Julian Assange no longer has a career and lives in a small room in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

As noted elsewhere in this series of articles, top scientists has recently determined that all Dutch women are psychotic and the entire Dutch dating scene is a form of “Care in the Community”.

If you pass the first level of initial acquaintance, you may get promoted to the more personal second level, during which she will tell you about how all the men in her life, including her father and brothers, are evil.

Your best strategy during this level is to try to maintain a facial expression the right blend of shock, sympathy, disbelief and righteous anger.

This can lead you to start thinking and acting as if you are talking to a normal woman.

Perhaps the very worst thing you could do would be to attempt to make a joke.

Their only moments of vague satisfaction come when riding their bicycles at high speeds while having a distracting conversation on their mobile phones, and they only enjoy that activity because there is a 50% chance that any pedestrians they kill will be male.

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