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These episodes of rifting thinned and heated the continental crust and lithosphere, which then subsided to form a complex set of marginal basins. Large amounts of sediment have since accumulated in these basins and formed sources and traps for hydrocarbon deposits. With the highest vertical drop of any ski area in Atlantic Canada, you'll soar down 250 acres and 39 trails catering to all skill levels and preferences: beginners, intermediates, and self-proclaimed mogul masters.

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The East Coast of Canada is generally divided into three regions: the Nova Scotian margin in the south, the Newfoundland margin in the centre and east, and the Labrador margin in the north (Figure 1).

These margins formed during the past 200 million years as the supercontinent of Pangea rifted apart, first as North America separated from Africa and then as it separated from Europe and Greenland (Figure 2).

The Trails Tales Tunes Festival offers a fabulous mix of outdoor entertainment and activities not to be missed.

Nestled at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, towering over the beautiful Humber Valley in Western Newfoundland is Marble Mountain Resort – renowned for the best skiing on Canada's east coast.

The icy giants move south through Iceberg Alley from Labrador and can be spotted along the coast from St. You’ll find an eclectic mix of festivals and events here, including folk musicians, live theatre performances, and art exhibits full of local flavor.

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