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Yet as the two worked together on-camera, fantasy became reality. Now, both behind the scenes and on The Bulgarian Brute and the Ravishing Russian were put together back in WWE developmental, but stayed together ever since.

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In an interview with Crave Online, Edge said that he loves hearing Lyric use words that she has just learned. We have daddy/daughter day and it’s a lot of fun.” Edge and Beth’s second daughter, Ruby Ever Copeland, was born on May 31st, 2016.

Edge explained, “The other day we were playing with Lego blocks and she said ‘This Lego is an enchilada of psychiatry.’ I just stopped and said ‘What? At the time, Edge tweeted, “Look out world, have a feelin she will move mountains.” He told Crave Online back in September, when Ruby was 10 weeks old, that his daughter was starting to become more aware of the world around her and that she was getting along well with her sister, Lyric.

Edge’s first wife was Alannah Morley, the sister of professional wrestler Sean Allen Morley. Seven months after his divorce from Alannah Morley, Edge married Lisa Ortiz.

They divorced about one year later because Edge had an affair with Lita (Amy Christine Dumas), Matt Hardy’s girlfriend, according to What Culture.

While the results are predetermined, much of the action in wrestling is real and many wrestling characters are offshoots of a wrestler's real personality. There are a great number of on-screen wrestling couples who actually dated in real life.

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