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It is completely realistic to expect for us, as outsiders, to misread the true natural preference of an individual like President Barack Obama and have disagreements on his MBTI personality type.

Examining available information on President Obama we can narrow his most likely MBTI personality types to the ENFJ and ENTP types.

For example, an individual that tends to extravert Thinking might work hard on developing his Feeling function so that he can come off as more compassionate when dealing with the public.

The second thing to consider is that politicians are often pressured to strictly follow the viewpoints of their political party which may potentially go against what their natural way of being tells them to do.

This week we focus on the 44 President of the United States, Barack Obama, and his personality type.

Unlike our previous blogs, there has been serious discussion pertaining to the perceived MBTI personality type of Barack Obama.

His ability to dominate opponents during debates on a grand scale is a better fit for an ENTP then an ENFJ.

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