ohac dating slang - Erich gonzales and enchong dee dating

by  |  28-Sep-2019 16:13

Erich did not intend to post that photo but that day, she was overwhelmed with happiness because she was with her boyfriend, her friends and her family. Ever since, she has always been open about her relationship.It's just that her boyfriend doesn't want for their relationship to be scrutinized by the public, so she tried to shield him from it.

But it was the actor’s particular post that really caught our attention because the captions that accompanied each photograph were cryptic yet full of love.

The first controversial photo showed Erich and Enchong smiling happily while posing in front of the camera inside a beautiful cathedral.

Since he is not part of the showbiz industry, Erich's boyfriend believes he should not be in the middle of anything "showbiz." "Tapos hindi niya alam, pinuslit ko!

Pero ngayon, alam na niya." Almost all of the comments on Erich's post said that her boyfriend is very good-looking.

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