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So his sense of adventure extends from being at home with a TV dinner to exploring, or why not leave it up to the date to decide. The guy doesn’t seem to have a firm opinion of what he wants here…a big no no with women, he needs to take the lead.

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The profile examples will give you some great ideas, and highlight what you should be avoiding.

At the end of each profile my critique picks out the good and bad areas in their online dating profiles.

It was kind of a bummer to think that I put all that effort into letting someone know how fun, positive, and relationship-oriented I could be for them and it didn’t matter one bit.

To be fair, maybe I wasn’t as interesting as I thought, perhaps my profile was too much about me (shouldn’t it be?

) and not about the prospective woman I wanted to meet, maybe I went too far and sounded egotistical, I don’t know, but a short vague profile was just as effective for me as a long one.

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