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This makes it rather difficult to maintain relationships for very long.Even if you’re willing to sacrifice the long term relationship on the altar of more frequent, no-commitment sex, people and social circles are smaller than you’d think.To help counterbalance any errors introduced by self-reporting, Strube and Holtzman interviewed acquaintances of the subjects about their personalities.

Y’see, the dark triad personality types are pre-disposed to short-term goals and thinking; they focus on immediate goals (“How do I get her in bed? They’re much more likely to go for the immediate (and smaller) reward than for planning for a future (and bigger) one.

”) and less on long term ones (“How do I get her to go out with me again? They’re prone to stealing partners from others and are more likely to have substance-abuse issues and are known for having lowered standards – sometimes drastically – for sexual partners.

What made things interesting is a new study, conducted in 2012 by Nick Holtzman and Michael Strube of Washington University in St.

Louis found that individuals whose personality types conformed to the dark triad were perceived as being To test this idea, Holtzman and Strube invited 111 college students to participate in a study.

As it turns out, those individuals who ranked higher on the dark triad scale were better at making a better presenting themselves and knowing how to make themselves look better.

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